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 Holy.effin.shee-it.-That random druggy guy.

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PostSubject: Holy.effin.shee-it.-That random druggy guy.   Thu Mar 20, 2008 9:24 pm

I'm nick! Super-mod, fug yeah.

Uhhh i'm fuggin hilarious.

I like girls. but only some of them. Some of them are kinda weird (orange) some are kinda mean (laura)

Orange says i have to put this in here.

Username: Holyeffinshee-it. duh.
Position: supermod. duh
Real name (optional): Nick. duh.
Why'd you join/become staff? Because Orange told me to and she made me super-mod for no reason.
Anything else to add? nope.
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Holy.effin.shee-it.-That random druggy guy.
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