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 Rules for the Graphic Section

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PostSubject: Rules for the Graphic Section   Sat Mar 22, 2008 9:26 pm

When a person asks for CnC, it means he wants "Comments and Critique":

Your stock is bad, your lighting is bad, the text and the border are horrible.

I like it, good job :)

This is a bad example, because it doesn't help at all, in the second example, if the person likes it, then he should say why he does, example:

I love the flow, the lighting fits perfectly, the FG effects are very good, the color scheme is awesome, overall I like it, good job :).

Here we have a borderline-critique:

The flow is bad, I suggest to apply image on a new layer and Motion Blur at the angle you want the flow and set it to lighten, lower the opacity if is too strong, the render doesnīt stands too much, duplicate it, put it at the top and set it to multiply, set the opacity to 0-25%

This is a good example, because it tells the person what is wrong, but it tells how to improve

Well first thing, It's always good to get a good quality render. They are always easier to work with and look good. Next is your background. It's a nice background and all, but the colors and designs just donīt go with the render. Always try to use colors that match or compliment the render. The effect in the palm in the 2nd and 3rd versions are good. They give a sense of some action to the signature. Lastly your text could use some working with. Get a good amount of fonts because it's good to have a font that matches the style(techno, curvy, weird, etc.). The white color isnīt so bad because it's easy to see and doesnīt stick out like other light colors would. But you should try to apply a softlight filter on the text, that way it'll be more transparent and it'll have the design of what's under it.

(^This is the CnC I had in one of my older signatures, and I thought it would be useful^)

This is an excellent example, because it's not too rude and mean, but it points out the good things.

I don't want this place to turn into another spamzone, so follow this rules and everything shall be okay, of course, if you didn't follow them you won't automatically win a warning, I will excuse you and tell you to read this, but if you continue I'll PM you.

Have a nice day ^_^

The Staff~


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Rules for the Graphic Section
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