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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Mar 20, 2008 9:05 pm


And now for the rules.

1. Do NOT flame or start a flame war. Doing so, will result in a warning. :]

2. Do NOT call people names (joking/sarcasm is fine)...Doing so, will result in a caution. :]

3. No, I repeat, NO inappropriate images, and minimize the words please. Having these will result in a warning, or in some cases, INSTANT BAN :] if we're in the banning mood. :]

4. If you try to hack the system, the system hacks you!
It's called a BAN. For real. :]

5. Don't purposly insult people. Doing so results in a caution. :]

6., like, 2 word posts... =/ TRY to make it at least 5 words... :]

7. Advertising is fine, but ONLY if you get permission from a staffie. :]

8. If the staff tells you to do or not do something, do it or expect a warning. :]

9. No double-posting. Just go back and edit you're post, it's not that hard, gawsh. :]

ROTFL I have the power.

More rules shall be added as the staff sees fit.


POMB Staff.

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Forum Rules
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